Gazeta Wyrbocza shifting gears?

Over the past weeks, Poland’s most respected daily Gazeta Wyrbocza published two important interviews that move away from the liberal consensus and hint that maybe transition went the wrong way in this country. Hopefully, this signals the beginning of more serious questioning of development models and of more creative thinking in this society. Continue reading

Documentary: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring

Documentary: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring.

An excellent short documentary about protests and plenums in Bosnia and Herzegovina this February and March (authors are people at BH Protest Files, Amila Bosnae). Worth seeing as well as following developments in BiH at

Polish Prime Minister’s scary vision for the EU energy sector

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has started since the weekend (29.03) to push for a new Polish vision for a “European energy union”. The vision is opportunistic, appealing and very dangerous. Continue reading

Romanian Ombudsman points to Ministry of Interior abuses at Pungesti

The Romanian Ombudsman spoke out this week against potential rights abuses committed by the police and other Ministry of Interior forces while implementing a “special zone of public safety” at Pungesti, in Vaslui county, eastern Romania, where Chevron is planning to start fracking.

Continue reading